Tax Conference
October 2-3 2008
Hosted by the
Center for Business & Economic Research (CBER)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Listing of Authors and Papers

James Alm and Edward Sennoga (Georgia State University) "Mobility, Competition, and the Distributional Effects of Tax Evasion"
Rosanne Altshuler (Rutgers University) and Harry Grubert (U.S. Department of the Treasury) "Formula Apportionment: Is It Better than the Current System and are there Better Alternatives?"
Robin Boadway (Queens) and Jean-François Tremblay (University of Ottawa) "Mobility and Fiscal Imbalance" (slides)
Don Bruce, Bill Fox and Zhou Yang (University of Tennessee) "Base Mobility and State Personal Income Taxes"
Robert Chirinko (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Dan Wilson (San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank) "Can Lower Tax Rates Be Bought?  Business Rent-Seeking and Tax Competition Among U.S. States"

John R. Graham (Duke), Michelle Hanlon (University of Michigan) and Terry Shevlin (University of Washington) "Barriers to Mobility: The Lockout Effect of U.S. Taxation of Worldwide Corporate Profits"

Ben Lockwood (University of Warwick) and Giuseppe Migali (Lancaster University) "Did the Single Market Cause Competition in Excise Taxes?  Evidence from EU Countries"

LeAnn Luna and Matthew Murray (University of Tennessee) "Effects of State Tax Structure on Business Organizational Form"
Richard Sansing (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth) and Anja De Waegenaere (Tilburg University) "Inconsistent Transfer Prices and the Location of Mobile Capital"
Joel Slemrod (University of Michigan) "Location, (Real) Location, (Tax) Location:  An Essay on Mobility’s Place in Optimal Taxation"
John Swain (University of Arizona) "State Tax Nexus Issues in a Mobile Economy: The Evolving Legal Landscape"
David Wildasin (University of Kentucky) "State Corporation Income Taxation:  An Economic Perspective on Nexus"
George Zodrow (Rice University) "Capital Mobility and Capital Tax Competition"