Lawrence M. Kessler, Research Assistant Professor


Lawrence M. Kessler

Research Assistant Professor, Boyd Center for Business & Economic Research
and Department of Economics
Haslam College of Business
University of Tennessee
719 Stokely Management Center
Knoxville, Tennessee  37996-0570
phone:  (865) 974-6078
fax:  (865) 974-3100

  • Ph.D., Economics (2013), University of South Florida

  • M.A., Economics (2009), University of South Florida

  • B.A., Finance (2004), University of South Florida


Applied Econometrics    •    Economics of Education    •    Health Economics    •    Public Policy


Basher, S., Kessler, L.M., and Munkin, M.K. (2017).  Bank Capital and Portfolio Risk Among Islamic Banks.  Review of Financial Economics, 34, p. 1-9.

Kessler, L.M., and Munkin, M.K. (2015).  Bayesian Estimation of Panel Data Fractional Response Models with Endogeneity:  An Application to Standardized Test Rates. Empirical Economics, 49(1) p. 81-114.

Kessler, L.M.,Craig, B.M., Plosker, S.M., Reed, D.R., and Quinn, G.P. (2013). Infertility Evaluation and Treatment among Women in the United States.  Fertility and Sterility, 100(4) p. 1025-1032.

Kessler, L.M., Craig, B.M., Quinn, G.P., and Saigal, C. (2013).  Starting a Family:  Characteristics Associated with Menís Reproductive Preferences.  American Journal of Menís Health, 7(3), p. 198-205.

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