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Tennessee Business and Economic Outlook: Spring 2016

Figure 1: First Quarter Slowdown Followed by a Pickup in U.S. GDP
Figure 2: Inflation-Adjusted Nonresidential Fixed Investment Suffers from Weakness in the Petroleum Sector
Figure 3: Total U.S. Nonfarm Employment Sees Steady Monthly Gains
Figure 4: Brent Crude Oil Price Will Trend Up as Global Growth Picks Up
Figure 5: Federal Funds Rate and CPI Each Inch Higher
Figure 6: Employment Gains are Projected for Most Broad Sectors of the Tennessee Economy
Figure 7: Tennessee’s Unemployment Rate Will Finally Drop below the National Rate
Figure 8: County Economic Status, Fiscal Year 2017
Figure 9: The Federal Deficit Shrank in 2015
Figure 10: Tennessee’s Total Tax Collections Grew at a Much Faster Pace Than the Southeastern Average in 2015.3 (July–Sept)
Figure 11: The U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate Has Been on a Steady Decline Since 2000
Figure 12: U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate (Aged 16 or Older) by Gender
Figure 13: The U.S. Population Nearing Retirement Age Spiked Around 2000
Figure 14: The U.S. Population Aged 65 and Older Saw Spikes in 2000 and 2012
Figure 15: Labor Force Participation for Young Adults (Aged 16 to 24) Has Fallen But Has Stabilized
Figure 16: Labor Force Participation among Prime-Age Workers (Aged 25 to 54) Has Also Been on the Decline
Figure 17: U.S. State and Federal Prison Population
Figure 18: Federal Government Current Expenditures: Disability Payments
Figure 19: Average Weeks Unemployed
Figure 20: Discouraged Workers
Figure 21: Labor Force Participation Rates across the United States, March 2016
Figure 22: Low Labor Force Participation is a Problem for Most of the Southeast Region
Figure 23: Tennessee's Labor Force Participation Rate is Well below the National Average
Figure 24: Educational Attainment Levels among the Population 25 Years and Older
Figure 25: U.S. Labor Force Participation Rates Increase with Educational Attainment (Age 25 Years and Older)
Figure 26: More Tennesseans Report Serious Health Issues Than Do Their National Counterparts

For complete source notes, download the Powerpoint file: Spring 2016 Figures   


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